Counselling Psychology – “The art of counselling with the science of Psychology”

DSCN0085Counselling Psychology is a branch of professional Psychology in which practitioners are highly trained, and qualified to provide psychological therapy that takes account of each individual’s unique needs. I believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and work from the point of view that effective therapy will develop from this.

Counselling Psychologists must undertake postgraduate training for a minimum of three years and are committed to evidence-based practice. This means that I will be informed by the latest research on the best approach for particular difficulties.

Psychological therapy can help you to reflect on, and make better sense of what is happening in your life. The therapeutic process may also help you to develop a greater understanding of ‘self’ which can contribute to change, if desired, and a feeling of improved personal well-being.

There are many different kinds of counselling and psychotherapy models available and it can be difficult to know which will be the best for you. I am trained in the main models of working psycho-therapeutically and after discussing what brings you to therapy and what you would like to achieve, I will aim to find a way of working that is most appropriate for you as an individual. I have found that different people respond differently to problems and to psychological therapy and no single approach is best in all cases. In all of my work, I am interested in the links between our minds and bodies, how we use language and our bodies to communicate how we are feeling.

Research into psychological therapy shows us that what is most important is the quality of the relationship you form with your therapist, not their theoretical orientation. Probably the best way to know whether I might be able to help you is to arrange an initial consultation. If after this you feel that you need something other than what I can offer, I will do my best to refer you to other sources of help.